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Bitcoin Project T-Shirt

Bitcoin Project T-Shirt

$ 10.00

Today there is a growing demand for merchants all over the world to send money overseas without both parties having to pay outrageous wire transfer fees.

In fact, 65% of our customers are outside of the United States. Nearly every day our parent company,, inc, finds themselves wiring money to China, the United Kingdom, and Australia for a minimum fee of $30.00 per transaction.

We have been looking into Bitcoin for the past year and a half, what we found was incredible. We found that Bitcoin is very much like email for money, but a little bit better. Using Bitcoin, you can send value from the United States to China, using blockchain technology, at the click of a button for absolutely free and the transaction only takes about 30 seconds at the most.

We are doing some market testing to see how much demand there is for Bitcoin sales.

So here is our goal...

We will start accepting Bitcoin through BitPay for all of our products if we can sell 1,000 of these Special Edition Bitcoin T-Shirts with BITCOIN PAYMENT ONLY.

The shirt will be $10.00 for credit card users, but if you use Bitcoin then you will get 50% off and your shirt will only be $5.00!

We will give users 50% off for using either BITCOIN (BTC) or ETHEREUM (ETH).

Here is how it will work:

1.) To pay with bitcoin please email and put either "ETHEREUM" or "BITCOIN" in the subject line and we will send you the wallet address to send it to.

2.) Once we receive payment, we will send you a coupon code for the amount that you sent us. (Please allow us 30 minutes to an hour to respond with our wallet address and your coupon code. Please keep in mind that our office is closed on the weekends, so if you send the email on a Saturday or Sunday then we will send you the code on Monday.)

3.) Go to the Bitcoin shirt and select your size, then add the shirt to your cart and enter the code that you received. (You may have to pay shipping with a credit card unless you spend more than $25.00)

4.) You will receive a shipping confirmation and then you will receive your shirt fast!

Let's Make Bitcoin Great Again!



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